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Swanson® 8 in. Speedlite® Level Square


The 8 in. Speedlite® Level Square is the only 8 in. Speed® Square on the market and also functions as a torpedo level and angle finder. It has many of the same features as the one and only Speed® Square, but is constructed of lightweight high-impact composite. It’s available in gray or high-visibility orange. Look for the Diamond®.
1 Try Square, 2 Miter Square, 3 Saw Guide
4 Line Scriber, 5 Protractor, 6 Level

Built-in block vial -Easy to read from all angles

8 in. size is great for siding and larger materials

Beveled edge for ease of reading

Lightweight high-impact structural composite material

Great for siding and won’t mar finish!

1/8 in. spaced notches to facilitate scribing lines

Center line guide for locating center of round stock

Diamond® cut out for easy layout

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