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Christy's Red Hot White Vinyl Adhesive Can


  • Vinyl Adhesive specially formulated for use on Vinyl/PVC fence, deck, windows or furniture
  • High strength, superior adhesion with long-term UV stabilization
  • Formulated to retain and maintain color integrity
  • High viscosity for optimum gap filling between bonding surfaces

This product is not for use in a system using or being tested with compressed air or gases.

BODY Extra Heavy Body
Green Gaurd
COMPARE TO No Direct Comparison
AVAILABLE TUBE SIZES 1.5 oz Tube (#505114)
5.25 oz Tube (#505115)
8 oz Tube (#505117)
AVAILABLE CAN SIZES 1/4 Pint (505124)
1/2 Pint (#505121)
Pint (#505122)
Quart (#505125)
Gallon (#505119)

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